Thursday, July 1, 2010

SRG 3500

sekarang semua agensi menyelamat khususnya sudah digantikan dengan set sapura ini...kalau x silap set komunikasi ini mencecah ribuan ringgit...bagus la..kalau dahulu standby pertahanan awam pun susah set comm asyik rosak..last2x pakai handset jew apa yg membuat kan kerajaan memilih set nie ek...apa keistimewaan nyer...dier guna line TETRA?apa itu TETRA?macam smart trunk jugak ker?

berikut spec dier:


  • TMO and DMO Air Interface Encryption support - TEA1, TEA2, TEA3 and TEA4*
  • Trunked Mode Security Class 1, 2 and 3
  • Direct Mode DM-2C support
  • Fully Integrated E2E hardware with tamper protection
  • Public & Private Algorithm E2E support enabled via software upgrade*
  • Integral SIM connector for Smart Card based E2EE options

* Further infromation available on request

Gateway Services

  • (option enabled by a feature license code)
  • Group voice call between DMO and TMO
  • Individual voice calls between DMO and TMO
  • Emergency group call from DMO to TMO
  • Emergency group call from TMO to DMO
  • Pre-emption (in either direction) of existing call
  • SDS messaging in either direction1
  • Configurable routing of SDS messages to Console or PEI
  • Intelligent handling of point to point calls and SDS messages whilst operating as a Gateway

TETRA Specifications

  • EN 300 392 V+D Air Interface
  • EN 300 394 V+D Conformance testing

Size and Weight

  • Transceiver 980g - 180mm W x 54mm H x 110mm D
  • Console 200g - 187mm W x 64mm H x 30mm D

Frequency Bands

  • 350 - 372MHz
  • 380 - 430MHz
  • 440 - 473MHz*
  • 806/825 paired with 851/870MHz

* Further information available on request

The Transceiver supports the full bandwidth and allows Trunked (TMO) and Direct (DMO) mode frequency pairs to be allocated anywhere in the frequency band.


  • 10W RF Power output (Class 2).
  • RF power adjustable in steps of 5dB, independently adjustable for TMO and DMO operations.
  • Adaptive Power Control supported.


  • Rated Audio Output - 8 W @ 1kHz into 4 Ohms
  • Fixed Level Line-out audio option enabling Broadcast and Recording support*
  • Line-in Audio for 3rd party console interface support*
  • Independent Volume Control of Loudspeaker and Audio Accessory*

* Further Infromation available on request

GPS Receiver - Optional

  • 12 channel GPS receiver
  • -163 dBW acquisition sensitivity
  • ETSI Location Infromation Protocol
  • Position Assist
  • Over the Air GPS Management
  • Location reporting to two TETRA identities
  • Position and Direction display


  • Dust and water protection to IEC529 IP54
  • ETS 300 019 -2-5 drop, vibration and humidity
  • Storage Temp -40°C to +85°C
  • Operating Temp -30°C to +70°C

Power Supply

  • 10.8 to 15.6V DC, typical 13.8V DC

Console Display

  • 128 x 64 pixels LCD display with coloured backlights
  • Up to 6 lines of 24 characters displayed

Repeater Services

  • (option enabled by a feature license code)
  • Repeats DMO voice and tone signalling on selected talk group
  • Repeats SDS and Status messaging on selected talk group
  • ETSI Type 1A DMO Repeater for channel efficient operation
  • Priority Call
  • Emergency Call (Pre-emptive Priority Call)
  • Supports E2E Encrypted DMO traffic
  • Call participation whilst in Repeater mode

Voice Services

  • Full Duplex Calls (to MS and PABX/PSTN)
  • Half Duplex Calls (Individual and Group)
  • Late Entry
  • Priority Call
  • Emergency Call (Pre-emptive Priority Call)
  • Emergency Call preference
  • Talking Party Identity
  • Calling Line Identity Presentation
  • DTMF Dialling
  • Ambience Listening

Data Services

  • Status Messaging
  • Short Data Service Messaging
  • SDS via DMO Gateway
  • Circuit Switched Data Calls
  • Multi Slot Packet Data
  • Text Message Data Store
  • Short Data Applications (SDA)
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  • SDS Store & Forward

Other Functions and Features

  • Support for up to 3000 pre-programmed Talkgroups and in any combination of TMO or DMO talk groups
  • Up to 50 Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA) and supporting Lifetime Timers
  • Efficient management of talk-groups using, up to 255 Folders with up to 75 talk-groups per Folder
  • Talk-group Folder Management via PEI and SDS
  • Fixed and User Defined Talk-group Scan Lists
  • Priority Group Scanning with support for Background groups
  • Fast Talk-group Access supports up to 5 TMO and 5 DMO groups
  • Query selected Talk-group
  • Telephone and Radio user Address Book (2000 entries) across 64 Folders
  • Call History with Missed Call alerts
  • Transmit Inhibit (TXI) with On/Off Status messaging
  • DMO Group and Emergency Calls
  • DMO Gateway Interoperability supported
  • ETSI compliant PEI port. AT-command interface for external applications
  • User Profiles including Pager capability
  • Remote control via Status triggered functions
  • Status triggered functions (up to 64 configurable actions driven by remote user)
  • Macro keys – operation of a single key will perform a sequence of complex functions
  • Network Performance Monitoring
yang pasti kata kawan2x dalam Pertahanan Awam kata set ini lagi baik...yelah kalau x silap dier nie digital..mesti audio sedap punye...hehehe...